Big small people

We are the new generation,not afraid to be us

empowered to be change-makers

uniquely gifted,black and talented,shining like stars

we are,we are the African children.

strong words you may say,we’ve got to live

this life without fright,sleep peacefully at night

we have the right.,right to expression,right to access

information,right to education .Its my right ,your right ,our rights

But still   we’re ,terrorised,victimised

tears couldn’t dry with a loud cry,out to seek the gift

of a life time,seeking ,longing for refuge,the torture to no end.

On this day again ,16 june not may

we got strayed away,on this day again ,we stop the pain

we clean those tears of rain,we grow strong ,beyond

beyond what’s known.

we ask if only our rights could be respected,

for us to be accepted,we would fly,aspire and dream.

we would thrive for we are and you are an African child

duties and responsibilities of parents,government

teachers and friends ,join our hands to bring up smiles

with faith in life reflected in their eyes for they are

and I am an African child!!!!!!!!

By Double High Light